Kirkjuból í Bjarnardal

For the 15th summer we will be welcoming guests in our small guesthouse in Kirkjuból.

We have 6 rooms in the house. 4 double rooms with private bathroom, 1 double with shared bathroom and 1 single with shared bathroom. For some of the rooms we can add an extra bed, but it is always subject to availability as it is not suitable for all the rooms.

Kirkjuból  is an old farmhouse, and the name Kirkjuból is also the name of the farm, so of course we could not change the name in to something else. Kirkjuból is the house and “í Bjarnardal” means that the house is located in a valley named “Bjarnardalur”. We need to call our guesthouse both names so that it can be recognized from the other farms in Iceland which have the name Kirkjuból (quite many actually). This can sometimes be confusing because there are at least 3 Kirkjuból farmhouses in Önundarfjordur, so don’t get lost 🙂

Please contact us for further information: or go to the booking pages or for online booking.


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